Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yay Seniority! -- Week Two

Sept. 27 --

I got my itinerary. Less than a week after I got here, to my great amusement. We're also the "senior" district in our zone now, as the other one just left. We leave next Monday, so the next time I write I'll be in TX. We fly out to Dallas first, and then back to Lubbock - this amuses me greatly that traveling further makes for a cheaper ticket, but it does make sense. So! I'll be going the furthest east in my life next Monday! Let's hope I don't melt or something from it.

I saw a hot air balloon the other day while I was biking. It was only up there for a few minutes, then it came down, so it's actually really lucky I saw it. It pretty much made my day/mission, because it reminded me that I'll be in New Mexico, and hopefully I'll get to see a few hot air balloons while I'm down southwest again.
In other news, my companion asked me if I was a vegetarian because all she ever saw me eat was salads and desserts! I've noticed my tray several times and how accurate I was at picking my "carrots and chocolate" diet out - I always get a salad, some other fruit/vegetables, and whatever fabulous dessert they have. I'll have to sneak a camera in and take a picture sometime. It really is an amusing sight.
One very nice thing that I've discovered is that being a missionary is not nearly invasive as I thought. I very much feel like a missionary, but I also feel just like myself. Basically a well-behaved version of myself. But I do have moments where I forget and general amusement ensues. For instance, Sis. Crane (my comp) tried to wake me up the other day, but I wouldn't listen to her stream of "Sister Dunkley....Sister Duuuuuuuuuuunkley..." Finally, in the exact same voice, she said "Tia...." and I popped right up. Clearly my subconcious hasn't caught on yet.
Last Sunday, in fact, we all (the sisters in the district) went and dropped my comp off to a meeting (she's the coordinating sister, whatever that means *grin*) and then went to a computer lab to do our online study, which usually consists of watching The District videos, taking surveys, and reading out of the handbook and such. So, we're sitting there, all pretty and ready for the day, and I look down from the monitor and see my bright red flip flops on my feet. I'd totally forgotten to change my shoes (for any who don't know, flip flops are not allowed as a part of missionary attire, only for the showers)! I was dressed all crisp and pretty for church in my white, ironed shirt, and I had flip flops on! It was great, actually, because no one noticed. I've decided to add that to my list of things to ask God - how many people noticed my unintentional flagrance of the missionary handbook.
Well, I must away, my time's almost out. I love you all and I'm praying for you all, don't you think otherwise. I know God will bless you all while I'm out, so please ask for those blessings! Don't live below your privileges! I want to know that you're all well taken care of.

Sister Dunkley

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