Thursday, October 20, 2011

The One Where We Go to Lubbock

-The scouts did a "Ten Commandments Walk" where they went to 10 churches and each church explained one of the ten commandments as well as their basic beliefs. Well, we were second and I was set to take on the 2nd commandment - or so I thought. Come to find out 5 seconds before the presentation that we were set to do "Thou shalt not take the Lord thy God's name in vain" rather than "Thou shalt not bow down before any engraven images". Joy. I've found that when I get nervous on the mish I tend to use big words. "Linguistically" doesn't really do a lot for 10-12 year-old boys. Apparently the scout trip leader agreed because he got up after us and expounded on what it means not to take the Lord's name in vain. Including sharing several examples. It was a little traumatizing.
-I've also learned that you just need to eat when food is given to you. Especially when your companion can't due to medical reasons. So, I'll find myself starving from 11-6 and then suddenly we have two appointments where people feed us ie me back to back. My poor body's so confused.
-Clovis (and the mission in general) is full of churches, some with very interesting logos. My favorites include "First Baptist Church - Sharing Jesus 100 years" and "Heaven or Hell - your choice." Aren't they sweet?
-Someone needs to call/email Greg Dunkley and tell him I ran into a patient of his - Elder Briggs/Griggs. He told me to say hi, because Greg helped him so much (he's from the W. Boise/Meridian area)
-I may be forced to liking Christian rock due to over-exposure. Ack.
-Elder Baxter of the seventy came down for a mission tour. He's from Scotland and had all sorts of interesting things to say. It was a wonderful experience and it was great going to Lubbock and seeing everyone. I really lucked out getting sent to Clovis - everyone else from my original district basically spends their days tracting. I've only had one day devoted to tracting/knocking.
-We had the most awesome sandstorm the other day! It built up all afternoon till the sky was completely brown and the trailer we were teaching in sounded like it was being attacked (that was a fun lesson - it involved two 80+ year-old Spanish speakers and us trying to communicate. It really was great)
-Isaiah Macias got baptized! Yay! Here's some pics from the baptism - Br. Rasmussen, who is the hero of the week, baptized him (he's his home teacher).
Well, I must away! I love you all!
-Sister Dunkley

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